Banana-nana Bread!

Chrissy here- so I’ve been baking a lot since the beginning of October. Halloween is a fave of mine for sure!
I crocheted a handful of zombies/mummies. Then, I organized the activities, not only for Ryker’s class, but the other 5th grade class next door. Sad, but none of the parents were willing to help out in that room. So, Ryker’s room mom asked if I could do a game & craft for both classes.
Ok, so getting off the point! Hah! That is one of my specialties, huh Min?
Anyhow, I’ve been baking at least twice a week since the 1st week of October. Sorry, didn’t take a lot of pics. Min convinced me to start taking some! So, here are a couple. I kinda mixed two different banana bread recipes. One is from BH&G- and the other one is yeah- just another banana bread recipe 😛




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