Over the Rainbow

Ryker wanted cupcakes. He says he prefers vanilla over chocolate! What!?!? Crazy kid!
So, I made him a batch of mini rainbow cupcakes! He and Rich were so excited over cake, they just kept popping them in their mouths- without icing! Amazing!
I had been wanting to try the rainbow layered cake- so I snatched a bit of the cake batter. This is how it went down!









And…I ran out of icing! I’ll need to rummage through my teeny pantry to see if I have another tub. If I do, will post the finished look! Mwahaha!


Cookin It Up…Chrissy Style!

So, it was kinda cold earlier this week- just had to make chicken noodle soup! Of course, I didn’t measure anything- a dash of this and a sprinkle of that!
I bake more than I cook- trying to break out of that habit. Home-cooked meals just taste better! They’re safer for your family too!




By the way, my son loved this soup! Amazed me! He was disappointed when he found out we finished the last of it! Have to make him more this week! It’s gonna get cold again 😦

Banana-nana Bread!

Chrissy here- so I’ve been baking a lot since the beginning of October. Halloween is a fave of mine for sure!
I crocheted a handful of zombies/mummies. Then, I organized the activities, not only for Ryker’s class, but the other 5th grade class next door. Sad, but none of the parents were willing to help out in that room. So, Ryker’s room mom asked if I could do a game & craft for both classes.
Ok, so getting off the point! Hah! That is one of my specialties, huh Min?
Anyhow, I’ve been baking at least twice a week since the 1st week of October. Sorry, didn’t take a lot of pics. Min convinced me to start taking some! So, here are a couple. I kinda mixed two different banana bread recipes. One is from BH&G- and the other one is yeah- just another banana bread recipe 😛



Hello world!

My very first blog!  How exciting…  It can be overwhelming thinking of all the different possibilities, but I’ve wanted to create this for almost six months, so I think my vision has matured enough to be manageable.  After much brainstorming and using all the “well, what can I narrow it down to” strategies that I learned back in high school, I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog CANNOT have just one central theme.  I enjoy cooking, baking, upcycling, exploring, skincare, dramas, crocheting, exercising, and the list goes on and on and on.  I refuse to pick one favorite.  My mind will wander and this blog will go off on many tangents.  Thus, you have been warned.  This blog has no central theme.  But thank you for peeking into my world.  I appreciate it!

Minnie Adventures