Quick Winter Headband

Quick Winter Headband

It was a rather cold autumn night in Albuquerque when I decided to make this headband. Took a while to find my crochet hooks. The knit bug had bit me about a year ago. Funny how hobbies are sometimes. When I found my hooks I was saddened when I realized I no longer had my beloved German hook. I gave it to my sister months ago. She’s the crochet expert. And I knew she deserved it more than I did. So I reached into my handy dandy crochet master set and began this project. And I sure am glad I came across it. Thank you, Cynthia Miller. A truly beautiful and swift pattern. I used the headband today, completely forgetting how nippy and unwelcome the chilling air was. I was too busy enjoying the November sun with my ears wrapped nice and warm.


Crochet Petit Four #2

My son was born in the UK, so whenever I see petit fours, I automatically think of TEA TIME!  This was supposed to be green and white, but I accidentally started on the white and decided to use pink for the bottom.  It matches my tea set perfectly…

Click here if you’d like to give it a go.  It’s written in Dutch but if you scroll down, there’s a link to an English version.


Crochet Petit Four #1

Pattern by Grietjekarwietje

After having some success (of which I’ll soon post) with knitting, I decided not to jinx my lucky streak and opted for another crocheted project.

I’ve had a Ravelry account for about three years now, but I never really used it.  In fact, I think I logged on twice and then forgot my password and my email account has since closed.  After opening another account, something strange happened.  Instead of searching the patterns like I usually do, I threw caution to the wind and clicked on the GROUPS tag.

What is a Ravelry group, you might ask?  Now, that my friends is a needle artist’s dream.  It is a bunch of like-minded crochet and knitting (among other crafts) enthusiasts converging in one online spot.  Some are experts.  Some are beginners.  Some are….drum roll please…pattern designers!  Some groups meet up in person, and maybe one day when I gather up the courage I will jump into a local group.  But for now, I shall enjoy the convenience of sitting in the comfort of my home and pajamas, and keep it to a cyber relationship.

After joining a few crochet-a-longs, including a Korean drama based group with over 200 members (who knew that many people watched You’re Beautiful with yarn and hook in hand?) I finally took a stab at posting some of my work.  This one comes from the Petit Four CAL (Crochet A Long) which I absolutely love.  The pattern designer is from the Netherlands I believe and she’s posting a free petit four crochet pattern every week.  Here is her blog.  Amazing!  If you’re thinking about joining Ravelry and need an excuse to, her group alone should be reason enough.  And if it’s not to your liking, I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll interest you…

-Minnie Adventures